The Ann Haney Award Nomination
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2020 Ann Haney Award

Inspired by our founder Ann Haney, and to celebrate our 23rd year, Breast Cancer Recovery will be accepting nominations for the Ann Haney Award. The award will be presented at our Party on the Pier, May 2, 2019 at Monona Terrace Community & Convention.

Nomination Information & Eligibility 

  • Do you know someone whose breast cancer journey has been an inspiration to others around her?
  • Someone whose light has shined brighter? 

Deadline and Presentation

Nominees will be notified of their nomination. Award recipients will be notified of their selection and invited to the Annual Party on the Pier in Madison, Wisconsin.

Please submit your nomination by Tuesday, March 3 at noon.

Direct any questions about the form, nominations, or the award to Megan Purtell, Executive Director, by emailing

Previous Ann Haney Recipients

2017: Dikla Benzeevi

2018: Kathleen Harris

2019: Joan Kamholz

Ann Haney Award Nomination Form

Please complete the form below to nominate an individual whose breast cancer journey has been an inspiration to others around her.

Only completed nominations received by the due date will be considered. Please note that the strongest nominations include detailed responses.

Tip: You might consider completing your answers in another word processing application and then cutting and pasting your responses below to have a record of your nomination, and to avoid any (remote) chance of losing your work.

Nomination Information

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