The 2017 Ann Haney Award Recipient
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Inspired by our founder Ann Haney, and to celebrate our 20th year. The award will be presented at our Party on the Pier: Celebrating 20 Years, June 1 at the Edgewater Hotel.

The nomination committee was so inspired by the journey of all our 2017 nominees, and all they do to support women with breast cancer in your community.

With the 2017 nominations, the committee would have liked to given the award to everyone nominated. With submissions from all over the country, the inaugural award recipient was nominated by not just one person, but several nominations!

Ann Haney Award Recipient

Dikla Benzeevi’s journey

Dikla has been living with Metastatic Breast Cancer for 15 years. She is very caring and loving. She is an inspiration because she continues to tolerate the ongoing treatment associated with the disease with dignity and grace. However, she does not feel well at times, especially after treatment. She continues to pick up the phone and helps others when in need. Her family history with breast cancer, with the death of her Mom when Dikla was only 14. Dikla was diagnosed 20 years later, at the young age of 32, of advanced breast cancer. Even though there have been many advancements in treatment from when her Mom had cancer, there were more women diagnosed at an earlier age. There were very few support groups for women diagnosed at an early age. She found their cancers to be more aggressive than that of older women, and often found at a later stage because there is not any routine screening.

Dikla’s Benzeevi’s significant contributions to breast cancer support and awareness

Dikla is the founder and administrator for the "Thriving with advanced metastatic stage IV breast cancer" Facebook group for people living with metastatic breast cancer. She provides the vast and growing number of group participants with resources ranging from news of clinical trials, and strategies to manage side effects, to healthcare access, workplace rights, and information validating the complex psychosocial issues that come with a terminal illness.

"She recently attended the Young Survivors Conference and I wondered what she would gain from it since she is so well steeped in breast cancer news and advances. She told me that she likes going so other young women can see her name badge that indicates she's been living with stage for breast cancer for 13 years; she goes to give others hope."

Dikla put together a network of 1,000 young women on the West Coast. She joined every group possible. Talking to women and sharing her story. Networking with other women, doctors and any research being done or new treatments on the horizon.

Dikla’s Benzeevi’s contributions to her community.

Dikla is a breast cancer advocate. She speaks on panels and writes articles based on her personal journey. She is a Member on the Patient Advocacy Board at UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute. She is a Peer Match Counselor at ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, She is a Volunteer Peer Match Counselor at Young Survival Coalition, a former Board Member at the Noreen Fraser Foundation, just to name a few contributions.

Nominator’s Testimony: Christa Duggan

Dikla is very special and she is very caring. I have never met anyone like her. She is a jewel, a real treasure. I know many people that have the pleasure of meeting Dikla feel the same way. She is a great resource and a compassionate friend. All of this while going through treatment and doing her best to stay alive. I can't think of anyone more deserving.

Nominator’s Testimony: Shoshanah Siegel

I honestly cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of this award. In fact, Dikla is so unselfish and giving, that when she posted about the award, she probably wasn't even thinking about herself.

Nominator’s Testimony: Deanna Rossi

Dikla supports other women (and men) through her Facebook group, as a peer match counselor, and by being a voice for many. She represents people living with stage IV breast cancer, the numerous friends she has lost to this terrible disease, and those not yet diagnosed. Her commitment to serve others is extraordinary and should be commended.

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