History of Breast Cancer Recovery
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Breast Cancer Recovery Founder

Ann Haney | 1949 – 2003

A bright star of inspiration for women with breast cancer flickered momentarily on Saturday, May 31, 2003, when the disease claimed the life of Ann Haney. Ann died hours before the start of the Madison Race for the Cure, for which she served as honorary chair.

As an administrator for the Wisconsin Division of Health, Ann coordinated breast and cervical cancer screening programs throughout the state. Through conversations with many of the women she met, Ann recognized that for many women, medical treatments do not provide healing of the heart and mind. Shortly after leaving her position as a state official, Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996.

Ann founded the Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation (now called Breast Cancer Recovery) in 1997. As its President, Ann was the inspiration behind the Infinite Boundaries retreat program which provides environments for women to find healing the medical community cannot always provide - healing of the heart, mind and soul. Her program has helped more than one thousand breast cancer survivors recover their joy and passion. Ann inspired many to live life fully and embrace all that life offers.

Ann received many awards and honors during her life including the Outstanding Government Employee, the Kellogg "You Can Make a Difference" award, the Excellence in Leadership Award from the Wisconsin Public Health Association, Madison Magazine's 2002 Editors Choice Award for "Best Advocate," the 2002 YWCA Women of Distinction award and the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation Champion for Women's Health award.

Ann handled her disease with dignity and grace. She was a guardian angel for many breast cancer survivors, helping those who struggled to recover from their diagnosis. She was a deeply sensitive and caring woman who was motivated by a selfless drive to help other women who have experienced breast cancer.

Her invincible spirit lives on through the work of Breast Cancer Recovery.

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