Breast Cancer Recovery Committees
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Each committee meets once a month in person, with phone option available for all meetings. The average length of each meeting is 30 – 60 minutes.

Interested in joining a committee? We welcome volunteers, email Executive Director today.

Development, Outreach & Events

The Development, Outreach & Event Committee explores and pursues sources of funds to be used to develop or expand the activities related to BCR’s purpose. It also identifies organizations and individuals that are donor prospects, leads efforts to secure funding by making appeals to prospective donors, and works with the Sharing the Knowledge to coordinate revenue through the annual budget. It also annually proposes a budget to meet committee expenses:

Marketing & Outreach
  • Develop and continuing a strategy of BCR’s story that increases awareness of the organization among healthcare providers, potential supporters, and potential participants.
  • Decides and works with the strategic plan on marketing resources, which can include:
    • Advertising (Media & Print)
    • Social Media
    • Trade Shows and potential speaking engagements
  • Write grants for funding
  • Donor: Retention – ensuring current donors have the latest message/information on BCR
  • Donor: Attraction - Develop a strategy for obtaining and maintaining third party opportunities.
  • Develop a strategy for obtaining and maintaining third party opportunities.
  • Assist other committees with sponsorship and grants for programs and events

Events: Plan and manages the fundraising events. It annually proposes a budget to meet committee activity expenses. This committee arranges the speaker and/or entertainment for the event, and coordinates all logistics. Committee members will coordinate logistics for potential IBR Alumni, honorees, and award recipients determining attendance, and ensuring their participation on the day of the event. The committee is the lead for seeking donated auction items and coordinating the on-site auction of the donated items the night of the party. This committee works with the Development and Outreach committee to coordinate the marketing, advertising, public relations, and website promotion of the party. Event Details include:

  • Location: Food, Decorations, Volunteers
  • Program: Flow of the evening, Speakers, Entertainment
  • Marketing: Print and PR• Fundraising events of the evening
  • Silent and live auction
    • Other fundraising during the evening
    • Live donation
    • wine pull
    • raffle
    • other donation ideas
  • Recruit and Retain Sponsorships

Retreat/Program/Alumni Relations Committee:

Breast Cancer Recovery retreats, Infinite Boundaries, are based on the belief that the journey to recovery and healing involves the whole woman, mind and body. Retreats are designed to help women find inner strength and experience the hope needed to live each day beyond the boundaries of breast cancer. The committee goals are for survivors to have the opportunity to discuss the latest issues surrounding their breast cancer, gather information, experience and enjoy the company of new-found “sisters” in healing environments. The committee works toward:

  • Identify strategies for greater attendance at the retreats.
    • Works with Development and Outreach on marketing.
  • Curriculum
    • Annual Review of Retreat Agenda to keep retreat curriculum relevant
    • Potential new or updated retreats (Young Survivors, Wellness)
  • Alumni Bi-Annual Newsletter
    • Maintain alumni connections through the biannual newsletter and potential Alumni events
    • Survey alums as necessary.
  • Financial Assistance
    • Look for opportunities to cover full cost of retreat (insurance coverage or partnerships with medical facilities, etc.).

Sharing the Knowledge Committee:

The purpose of this program is to provide breast cancer survivors, spouses, family, friends, health care professionals and students with the latest advancements in the medical care for breast cancer. In addition, the series provides information, techniques, and tools for the emotional health and well-being of breast cancer survivors.

The Committee is responsible for planning the event while adhering to the budget.

  • Program: Flow of the events
    • Speakers
  • Event Details:
    • Location, Food, Vendors, Volunteers
  • Sponsorships
  • Marketing: Print and PR
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