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Testimonials from Women who have attended Infinite Boundaries Retreat

2019 Testimonials

This retreat has been affirming and life changing to restore me from the emotional damage caused by cancer and its aggressive treatment.

It was so beneficial to set aside time to participate in this type of retreat. The volunteers and staff were great and the opportunity to bond with others who know what one another is going through, invaluable.

2018 Testimonials


Of all the retreats I have attended since being diagnosed with breast cancer this one was the biggest game changer. It allowed me to change my focus in life and to become the best that I can be.

  I cannot say enough about my experience at the retreat. I feel changed. The connections I made with other women were amazing. The setting was beautiful and serene. The topics and activities were helpful. I am so grateful to have been able to do this. I feel more able to tackle life.

2017 Testimonials


 ...Once in a lifetime and life changing event.

...I’m leaving here with a lighter heart and a smile on my face..

I will keep this weekend in my heart forever.

The support and information learned will help to make a difficult journey easier…

I am leaving here with so many weights lifted off my shoulders and a new journey begins, one that’s called healing.

Bjorkland 2017


 I was able to experience new things, challenge myself and gain resources to continue my recovery.

The laughter and tears were so needed in my life right now, and this retreat gave me the space to feel what I needed to and the safety to do so.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the Infinite Boundaries Retreat. I was able to connect with other breast cancer survivors, and explore topics that are often not discussed by medical professionals despite the impact on our daily lives. It was wonderful to know I'm not alone. The weekend was extremely meaningful for me and I came home with many resources. Thank you!

Madeline Island 2017

2016 Testimonials


Infinite Boundaries has been a wonderful experience to dive into the beauty - and the deep and sometimes scary caverns – of what it means to live this life with metastatic cancer, and to know one needn’t do it alone. It’s been a blessing and a salve to the soul to participate.

Marcelle Richards, April 2016



I came to Infinite Boundaries feeling lonely, lost and seeking shelter from a great storm. My emotions, both positive and negative, were tucked neatly away; I had wanted to sort them out, life kept getting in the way. On retreat, I stepped off the freeway of life and found respite at a wayside called Björklunden. The kindness of the Breast Cancer Recovery staff and openness of my Infinite Boundary ‘sisters’ gently pulled these emotions out, let them breathe, and then helped me to allow them to drift away. Friendships were formed and I am leaving surrounded by the kindred spirit of other women that came seeking shelter from a similar storm. I feel as if I have hit the reset button on the odometer of life and aligned my inner compass with true worth. I am now ready to continue the journey. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Amy Curti, June 2016


When your own daily life is filled with caring for others, you often times don’t realize just how low your own battery has run down.  The Infinite Boundaries Retreat allowed me to go to places I needed to go; to heal the wounds that needed healing and to spread my wings and fly again… all from a safe place!

Sandra Mascari-Devitt, July 2016


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