2020 Ann Haney Award
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Breast Cancer Recovery is pleased to announce our 2020 Ann Haney Award recipient:
Sheila Marie McGlown!

This award is inspired by our founder, Ann Haney. Nominations told stories of women's breast cancer journey that has been an inspiration to others around her, and whose light has shined brighter. The nomination committee was so inspired by the journey of all our 2020 nominees, and all they do to support women with breast cancer in your community.

The award will be presented at our Party on the Pier: Trivia Night on Thursday, September 17 at Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center.

Sheila was nominated by her daughter, Janaia Glover, and separately by Roberta Albany.

How Sheila's journey has been an inspiration to others

Sheila is a compassionate and fierce advocate who puts others before herself. Sheila was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in Dec 2009 and has never let breast cancer define her life. She inspires to be a beacon of HOPE for many women who have been diagnosed with MBC. Though life expectancy of an MBC patient is 3-5 years she has beaten those odds and has turned her pain into helping others. She is currently involved with many other non-profits and her volunteer hours are at capacity. She volunteers with Living Beyond Breast Cancer as both a Young Advocate and a Helpline Volunteer. The small group selected to take part of this program received training to better advocate for those affected by breast cancer. She was able to gain a better understanding of the disease and learn how to use her own personal breast cancer experience to make a difference in her community. Through her experience and expertise, she has been able to encourage and inspire other breast cancer survivors through their journey. Her helpline experience continually lends a shoulder to her peers and the emotional support and practical information she shares is immeasurable. Sheila has dedicated her life to supporting other women through this journey and to leave behind a legacy of love and friendship.

Sheila's contributions to her community.

Sheila continues to raise awareness about the importance of breast health and breast cancer in the African American community. She started a support group in the East St Louis area in Illinois and she volunteered to be on the committee for the inaugural Komen Missouri Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference in St Louis held Feb 2020. She provides emotional support to women affected by breast cancer in her community while also educating them on the importance of being your own advocate. The negative impact in the African American community is devastating. African American women are more than 40% likely to die of breast cancer than their white counterparts. Sheila attends the Komen Speak Truth to Power Conference; Advocating to Achieve Health Equity so she can bring the information she has learned back to her community to educate others. She wants to help reduce breast cancer racial disparities and the only way this can be done is through advocacy.

Sheila is an India and a Kenya alumnus of A Fresh Chapter. She is a Consumer Reviewer for the DOD Breast Cancer Research Program where she reviews proposals for DoD funding. Sheila is an active member of the St. Louis Breast Cancer Coalition, the Young Women's Breast Cancer Program at Siteman Cancer Center, and one of the founding members of Shades of Brown Foundation, an organization committed to educating underserved communities about breast cancer. Sheila is also a facilitator for Breast Cancer Recovery, an organization that provides the solitude and safe place to integrate all parts of who we are---mind, body and spirit toward healing. She is also a recent participant in the Escape to Thrive Leadership Conference where she learned the importance of self-care. She's an active member of the National Breast Cancer Coalition and is a 2015 graduate of NBCC's Project Lead Institute. Sheila is an advocate for The TigerLily Foundation and is an integral part of The Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) Project. Sheila reads grants for METAvivor and for the affiliate Komen Missouri as a consumer reviewer. She has attended the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in 2015 and 2019. She has received scholarships for both AACR Annual Conference meeting and the Health and Racial Disparities Conferences. Sheila has participated in The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project and she encourages more women with MBC to participate.

Sheila's support other women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sheila is a facilitator for the Breast Cancer Recovery an organization that provides solitude and a safe place to integrate all parts of who we are-mind body and spirit towards healing. Also Sheila is very passionate about clinical trials especially for African Americans and to practice what she preaches, Sheila is currently on a clinical trial that's giving her great results.

More About Sheila

My mom is a tireless and compassion person who loves to help and serve people.  I have seen her send breast cancer care packages to newly diagnosed patients.  I have to sometimes tell her to take a break and focus on herself.  She is truly deserving of this nomination. 

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