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Meet Our Volunteer: Sheila McGlown

Wednesday, June 28, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Sheila McGlown is an Infinite Boundaries Retreat Volunteer, and September 2014 IBR Alumni. The most recent retreat she volunteered at was at the September 2016 Sundara retreat.

Diagnosed on: December, 2009
(I was an E-8 in the United States Air Force at the time)
Stage: IV

Retreat Date/Location: September 2014 at Sundara Inn and Spa

Starting volunteering: September 2016

Favorite Retreat Elements:

  1. Being around women who understood me. Understood the emotional toll this disease can have both physically and mentally on your body.
  2. I thought the massage was awesome.
  3. I think the retreat took me away from my diagnosis for the days I was there and had me focus on the now.
  4. I loved meeting the other ladies as well.

Most memorable retreat experience:
My most memorable moment was when we were all in the group and I think we were all telling our stories and one of the ladies attending the retreat had a service dog. Each time one of the ladies cried, the dog would automatically go to the lady that was crying. I thought that was a very emotional but also comforting moment.

I am married to Cortez McGlown and I have one daughter, Janaia Marie Glover. I just lost my beloved pet Gracie in April 2017. I have three sisters, Teddie, Cheir and Angela and my Dad, Dillard Johnson.

Mission and Purpose:
My mom, Grace Johnson, died of MBC in August 2004 so it's my mission to make sure my daughter or anyone else daughters, sons, aunts....etc have to worry about this awful disease.

My purpose right now is to bring awareness to not only MBC but to African American breast cancer. African American women have a 41% higher mortality rate than any other race. I also want women/men to know it's okay to live even though we were diagnosed with this awful disease. I want to help as many women and men as I can and I do this through volunteering.

Other Volunteer Roles:

  • Metavivor
  • Board Member St Louis Breast Cancer Coalition
  • Advocate/Moderator/Lobbysit for National Breast Cancer Coalition
  • Consumer Reviewer for the DOD Breast Cancer Research Program
  • Advocate for The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project
  • Helpline Volunteer for Living Beyond Breast Cancer
  • Young Advocate for Living Beyond Breast Cancer
  • Susan Love Research Foundation Advocate  

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