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March 21 - April 15: Help Us Reach our Match Goal of $5000

Joan Collin's Challenge: Every year, when I have a mammogram, and "pass the test” I always feel "whew!" how lucky I am. This past year was different. The clinic called me back to arrange for more x-rays and then a third set.

As I sat in the little room wearing the open- in –the- front robe, waiting for the final set of x-rays to be read, I thought, if I get the "Everything is OK" answer, I am going to donate to Breast Cancer Recovery to help those who are not as fortunate and did not receive good news.

As soon as I got back to my office, I emailed Breast Cancer Recovery suggesting a matching fund donation of up to $5000 as a way to encourage other women, mainly those with clear mammograms, to consider themselves lucky and to donate!

The Match: If you have received an “all-clear” mammogram, celebrate by donating today. Joan will match up to the first $5000!

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