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In Their Own Words...

Read encouraging and inspiring words about Breast Cancer Recovery's Infinite Boundaries Retreats.

BCR Star"I am rested, restored, refocused and ready to face the cancer world again."


BCR Star"This is a place where hope dwells. You may come as a stranger, but you leave a friend."

BCR Star"Superb! Awesome! Fantastic! Truly Amazing! This program truly understands what women need!"

BCR Star"I’ll be forever grateful for this wonderful journey.  I came scared, unsure.  I left feeling hope, ready to continue the fight.  Living for the moment, for the day, not getting stuck in ‘Stage 4” terminal mindset."

BCR Star"Before coming to retreat, I was scared, lonely, devastated, depressed and in a lot of pain. I never felt like a whole woman. But after, I did feel much better about myself and feel like a new woman with a new attitude."


BCR Star"Through the retreat, I have found "me" again! Each part of the retreat helped me piece myself together again. I'm not finished, but I am back on the road."

BCR Star"This is the only opportunity I've had to spend time with other women in my situation. It's meant the world to me. They give me strength! I feel hopeful and rejuvenated and it felt so good to share."

BCR Star"I was hoping for a magic wand to be passed over me at the retreat and for all my fears, regrets, anger and resentment to be 'poof' gone. I'm so thankful that this is not what happened this weekend, for I would have really missed out on part of my healing journey. I was able to really connect with other young survivors who know what I went through and could love and comfort me in ways I never thought possible."

BCR Star"The retreat has helped calm my fears and see that I can choose hope. I need to spend my time choosing life."

BCR Star"I didn't know how much my soul was in need of discussions we had that no one but our group could relate to and open up about. This experience will give me quality of life to a new and genuine level."

BCR Star"I came to this retreat not knowing what to expect. What I received in return are memories that will last forever. The experience of being with others in similar situations plus interacting with the hosts and their experiences will stay with me forever."

BCR Star"While I have an excellent medical team who has taken care of my physical health, Infinite Boundaries helped me learn how to take care of my emotional health."

BCR Star"As a young survivor, I often feel isolated and like a "freak of nature". Meeting others who are young and on the same journey is unbelievably helpful!"

BCR Star"Throughout the retreat I felt safe. I felt I could safely let my guard down and openly discuss feelings without worry of judgment. This was a very freeing thing for me....just to be allowed to feel and know my heart and feelings were safe."
"Life after breast cancer can be a wonderful experience."

BCR Star"I came seeking God's voice about how He would use this experience for my good and the good of others. I learned the answers are inside of me, like seeds. The retreat was fertilizer that will help them grow and become evident to me ... when the time is right."

BCR Star"Chemo may have saved my life from cancer, but this retreat saved my life in a profoundly different way. The program, the people, and the place woke me to a deep sense of aliveness in places I thought were dead. My heart feels full, my spirit enriched, and my eyes open to new possibilities."

BCR Star"My breast cancer journey has felt like a grueling climbing expedition - cold, lonely. Infinite Boundaries has given me a base camp - food for my soul, warmth for my heart, companions for my climb, shelter for the storms."


BCR Star"I was hesitant to come. I'm not a support group person. I don't want to feel trapped or pressured. Yet something resonated in the words of the brochure – renew, rejuvenate, refresh, healing of the spirit. It's what I wanted, what I hoped to receive. Thank you for delivering a program that exceeded my expectations and giving me tools to begin again."

BCR Star"Kayaking – this activity was out of my comfort zone. I am now addicted. I can do anything!"

BCR Star"I found myself here on the Island. I found out more of what I need to get healthy again and to live with cancer with less fear. I gained hope, which was important to me because I was losing my hope and my will to keep going. These women renewed my faith that all is well. Thank you for this wonderful experience. I shall always be grateful and I will never forget."