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2015 - Keynote Presentations

Embracing Challenges

Tim Pflieger, President of Team Leadership Center

Join Tim while he provides his thoughts on personal triumphs and how to adjust to a “new level of normal”.  He will explore limiting beliefs, comfort zones and the power to overcome fear and tell a story of how to overcome and climb on. 

Tim Pflieger is the Founder and President of the Team Leadership Center (TLC) and Door County’s Adventure Center (DCAC).  Tim earned his Master of Science in Education while working in higher education, directing college programming and providing training in leadership development.  He is a certified high ropes and kayaking instructor and trainer.  In addition to his work at the Team Leadership Center, he serves as an adjunct faculty instructor at Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC). Tim is a volunteer first responder and National Registered EMT. He provides training in Emergency Medicine, rescue team dynamics, supervisory management and collaborative leadership.  Tim is professional paddler and is an ACA Coastal Sea Kayak instructor.  In his free time he is an avid outdoors man, mountaineer, and adventurer.

Write Your Own Happy Ending

Shelly (Knowlton) Jones, author of Boob Envy:  The Story of a Breast Cancer Hostage

This presentation focus is on thriving after a serious cancer diagnosis.  Shelly (Knowlton) Jones is a typical small-town Wisconsin mom:  overwhelmed with kids, work, laundry and bills.  At the age of 35 she was diagnosed with an aggressive, advanced form of breast cancer.  Instead of crawling into a hole and wallowing in self-pity, she wrote her first blog entry.  “Dear Cancer:  Go ahead – BRING IT.  See, what you don’t know about me is that I am a fighter.  My three kids have kicked my BUTT on a daily basis for years in preparation for this fight.  You got nothin’ on them!  I have no other choice than to go through this, so I may as well bring my ‘A’ game – you know the one.  The one where I beat you and you never come back.”  Jones’ self-published memoir was culled from her blog entries on her Caring Bridge website page, juxtaposed with the comments of her friends and family members. 

Mrs. Jones is a life-long Wisconsin resident; where she lives with her husband of 16 years, and her three children.  When not kicking cancer’s butt, she owns and operates “More Frosting Please!,” a cakery that she started up while going through cancer.  While she longs to write subsequent books to Boob Envy, she finds herself too busy to spend long hours on the computer—just how she likes it!



An Introduction To T’ai  Chi Chih – A Moving Meditation

Stan Corwin, Accredited T’ai Chi Chih Teacher

T’ai Chi Chih is made up of 19 simple, easy to learn movements and one pose.  It reduces stress, promotes serenity, flexibility and balance, while it increases energy and mental focus.  It offers healing of the body, mind and spirit.  Stan Corwin will discuss what it is and isn’t, how it came to be, and the affect it has on himself and his students.  He will demonstrate and teach several movements, showing many of the healing effects. 

Stan Corwin was accredited in 2006 and taught for 9 years and practice T’ai Chi Chih for 12 years. 

Coping With Difficult Emotions

Dr. Erin Costanzo, clinical health psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychiatry

The presentation will address common emotional and psychological challenges during and after cancer treatment and will discuss strategies and ideas for coping with these concerns. 

Dr. Erin Costanzo is a clinical health psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She also holds a faculty appointment at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC).  Dr. Costanzo’s research is funded by the National Cancer Institute and focuses on the contributions of psychological factors to the health and well-being of cancer patients and survivors and the mind-body mechanisms that underlie these relationships.  Her long-term goal is to translate findings into targeted behavioral interventions to improve the health and quality of life of individuals affected by cancer.  Dr. Costanzo also provides clinical care to cancer patients and their families at the UWCCC and serves as the primary clinical psychologist for the UW stem cell transplant program. 

Stress and Pain Management with Oriental Medicine

Franciska J. Anderson, MSOM, DiplAC (NCCAOM), Lac, Advanced LDHS

Stress and pain are typically what bring patients into the office of an acupuncturist.  An overview of the benefits of Oriental Medicine including acupuncture, nutrition, herbs and enzymes will be offered with particular attention to stress and pain management for the cancer patient and survivor. 

Franciska graduated cum laude from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine, Wisconsin, with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition.  She is certified/licensed in acupuncture in the State of Wisconsin.  She obtained her Diplomate in Acupuncture (DiplAc) with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).  Her special areas of interest include digestive health and the science of applied nutrition.  She has received special training in Digestive Health from the Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition and was granted a certificate as an Advanced Loomis Digestive Health Specialist in 2009.  She is a breast cancer survivor. 

Breast Cancer Research Update

Dr. Lee Gravatt Wilke, Director of University of Wisconsin Health Breast Center, Professor of Surgery.

Results from groundbreaking research take 17 years on average to reach the public.  With modern technology and social media this translation of science to the patient should dramatically decrease over the next several years.  This presentation will discuss the latest results from novel breast cancer research and discuss how to disseminate these results to the breast cancer population as a whole in a more rapid, efficient manner so each patient can benefit from the latest technological and medical advances. 

Dr. Lee Gravatt Wilke is the Director of the University of Wisconsin Health Breast Center in Madison, WI and a Professor of Surgery.  She received her undergraduate and medical degrees from Duke University in North Carolina.  From 1993 to 2000, Dr. Wilke attended the University of Michigan for her surgical residency.  In 2000, Dr. Wilke returned to Duke and during her ten years as an Assistant and then Associate Professor, she assisted in the development of a novel Breast Cancer Survivor’s clinic and Breast Wellness clinic for high risk patients.  In 2008, her breast cancer research on margin assessment for patients undergoing breast conservation was featured on ABC World News tonight.  In 2010 Dr. Wilke moved to Madison, Wisconsin to lead the UW Health Breast Center.  She has helped formulate and implement a strong strategic plan for the center with emphasis on a patient and family centered approach as well as innovative research and clinical trials.  Dr. Wilke is currently the chair of the Research committee for the American Society of Breast Surgeons as well as member of the Executive Committee for the American College of Surgeons Clinical Research Program for the Alliance for clinical trials.  In each of her national roles she is working with teams around the country to identify groundbreaking research on breast cancer and bring the research opportunities and outcomes to each woman with this disease.  In addition to caring for breast cancer patients, Dr. Wilke enjoys spending time with her husband, Nathan, and two sons David (age 17) and Steven (age 12).

 Estate Planning:  Protecting Ourselves and Leaving A Legacy

John L. Haslam, JD, SPLS, SEP of Wilson Law Group, LLC

We all have great power and authority to provide clear directions on how we are cared for during our lifetimes.  Likewise, we all have the ability to create and control our personal legacy.  Is there a way to protect ourselves and provide direction to the next generation?  Is there a way to make a difference in the lives of others after we are gone?  This session will provide direction on how to create a legacy and preserve it for generations to come. 


Attorney John Haslam is an Estate Planning Law Specialist and Accredited Estate Planner as certified by the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils and accredited by the American Bar Association.  Attorney Haslam is a member of Wealth Counsel, LLC, the Wisconsin Council of Estate Planning Attorneys and the Academy of VA Pension Planners.  He is a member of the Elder Law Section and the Real Estate, Probate and Trust Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin.  John was admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court in 1998 and is a 2005 graduate of the Medicaid Practice Systems Program in New York.  He co-authored Your Life, Your Legacy – The Fundamentals of Effective Estate Planning (2009), Your Life, Your Legacy II:  Protecting Those You Love (2010), and Your Life, Your Legacy – Nursing Homes and Long Term Care (2006).  John Haslam was admitted to the State Bar of Wisconsin in 1997 having received his law degree from the University of Wisconsin.