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Madeline Island retreatBreast Cancer Recovery Retreats

Infinite Boundaries retreats are based on the belief that the journey to recovery and healing involves the whole woman, mind and body.  Retreats are designed to help women find inner strength and experience the hope needed to live each day beyond the boundaries of breast cancer.  

Survivors have the opportunity to discuss the issues surrounding their breast cancer, gather information and experience and enjoy the company of new-found “sisters” in healing environments.   Special care is taken in choosing scenic, natural settings because we believe that healing can be found in nature. 

Retreats are held throughout the year in scenic locations. 

See our 2017 Retreat Schedule now.

What is a retreat?

Each 4-day retreat is designed and led by breast cancer survivors for breast cancer survivors to begin healing on their own.  We feel that this is a time of self-reflection for survivors and this is done best by attending retreat without other family, friends or caregivers.  Women in all stages are welcome to attend the retreats, only women with Stage IV for the Metastatic retreats in the Wisconsin Dells. 

While on retreat, women will participate in a variety of activities: 

  • Discussion groups address topics such as dealing with difficult feelings and restoring one’s sense of joy in areas such as sensuality and sexuality. 
  • Creative activities encourage self-expression and include journaling, beading, and creating flags. Participants are also encouraged to stretch their boundaries by learning a new physical activity. 
  • Kayaking, hiking, yoga and a ropes course may be options, depending on the retreat location. 
  • Nutritious meals are included and special dietary options can be accommodated.

We encourage participants to attend all meals and activities and participate at their level of comfort. 

Breast Cancer Recovery embraces all women with breast cancer including all faiths, ages, races and sexual orientations.  Because women living with breast cancer often face considerable medical expense during and after diagnosis, Breast Cancer Recovery places a strong emphasis on ensuring that all women can experience an Infinite Boundaries retreat.

How much does it cost?

We ask each participant to pay a total $400 registration fee. To reserve your place at a retreat we require at $150 non-refundable deposit. The remaining $250 is due prior to attending retreat.  The actual cost to attend a retreat is $1,500 per woman.  Due to very generous donors, all women receive a scholarship of $1,100. 

Is there finanical assistance available?

Yes, there is additional financial assistance available if needed. If you need finanical assistance please contact our office at (608)661-4178 local or (888)821-1140.

Are there different types of retreats?

Breast Cancer Recovery offers two different types of retreats.  The Infinite Boundaries retreats are offered to all women that have been diagnosed with any stage of breast cancer.  We also offer retreats for women living with metastatic breast cancer.

Can I attend more than one retreat? 

If you have attended a retreat, you are an Infinite Boundaries Retreat Alumni.  If you have any questions please call the Breast Cancer Recovery Office at (608) 661-4178 or (888) 821-1140.

If you have additional questions about the Infinite Boundaries retreats or registration call:

(608) 661-4178 local or (888) 821-1140 or send an email to

“The retreat was transformative for me.  I didn’t know I was broken until I opened up to receive the gift of understanding, sharing and meeting others who had walked before me and made it to the other side.”

  Retreatant June 2014