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Madeline Island retreatBreast Cancer Recovery Retreats

Breast Cancer Recovery recognizes that while cancer cannot be cured, it is possible for our mind and body to be healed.

On retreat, women learn coping and communication skills and develop strategies for stress reduction, exercise and nutrition, intimacy after cancer and adapting to changes in body image.

For all women:  All retreats are designed and conducted by survivors for survivors. Breast Cancer Recovery embraces all women with breast cancer including all faiths, ages, races, sexual orientations and financial resources. Women in all stages are welcome to attend - from the newly diagnosed to women many years in remission. Women ages 20 - 80 have attended a retreat.

Retreats are held throughout the year in scenic locations. Click here for the 2016 retreat schedule!

Ready to register? Click here.

What is a retreat?

Infinite Boundaries retreats are a 4-day wellness retreat. The retreat program includes discussion groups, creative arts and low-impact (optional) physical activities. Special care is taken in choosing scenic, natural settings because we believe healing can be found in nature. Discussion topics include living with the fear the cancer may return; dealing with difficult feelings such as anger, betrayal, fear and guilt; and restoring one’s sense of joy in areas such as sensuality and sexuality. Creative activities are designed to encourage self-expression and include beading, creating prayer flags, and mask making. At retreat, participants are encouraged to stretch their boundaries by learning a new physical skill. Kayaking, hiking and bicycling may be an option depending on the retreat location. Physical wellness through exercise and body movement and healthy, nutritious meals are a part of the daily life during an Infinite Boundaries retreat.

Why should you attend retreat?

When traveling on an airplane, passengers are instructed to "put your own oxygen mask on first and then assist those around you." By attending an Infinite Boundaries retreat and taking care of yourself you will be better able to take care of those who depend on you. We encourage you to give yourself permission to focus on you for a few days.

Act Now:  Space is limited. If you are interested in attending retreat we recommend you contact our office as soon as possible. We are glad to answer any questions you have about scholarships, locations and retreat activities. Register now.

Can I attend more than one retreat?

If you have already attended a retreat, you are an Infinite Boundaries Retreat Alumni.  Please call the Breast Cancer Recovery office at (608) 661-4178 or (888)821-1140.

“The retreat helped me find my spirit.  Some of the memories will stay with me the rest of my life.  Cancer can be so all-consuming that you forget to live.  I left the Breast Cancer Recovery retreat knowing I was going to live my life very differently.”

- Penny, Infinite Boundaries Attendee