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Sundara RetreatRetreats for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer

The Infinite Boundaries metastatic breast cancer retreats are held at Sundara Inn and Spa in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Participants enjoy guided discussions about issues specific to women with metastatic breast cancer, including dealing with difficult feelings, communicating with friends and family and living with advanced breast cancer. Women learn practices to decrease stress and explore new creative outlets.

While it may be difficult to leave home and family at this time of life, we encourage interested women to call our office for more information. Discuss the possibility of attending the retreat with your doctor. We will work with you to make your retreat comfortable, meaningful and affordable. Retreat space does fill quickly.

If you are interested in attending we encourage you to call (888) 821-1140 or email Breast Cancer Recovery today at

Retreats are held throughout the year.  See our 2016 - 2017 Retreat Schedule

In Their Own Words:

I will change my mode from retreat to forge ahead.   I can now “keep calm and carry on.” The memories of your care for my situation and your financial support will flank my right and my left sides.  Swords aimed high we are traveling this road together.  Metastatic thank you

The retreats that they(BCR) put on are invaluable for women who are learning to incorporate a “new normal” into their lives.  Metastatic Retreatant

It has been a wonderful escape for this busy single mom to focus on healing and connecting with my mets sisters.  Metastatic Retreatant

I have gotten so much joy, support and tranquility from these few days.  Your generosity and this wonderful retreat have inspired me to live my life with gusto and give all I’ve got to making my life more generous as well.  Metastatic Retreatant

The Breast Cancer Recovery metastatic retreat is supported by the legacy of Dianne Lemmons. Please click here to read more information about the Dianne Lemmons Endowment Fund.